zigguratbuilder (zigguratbuilder) wrote in storygamesinfo,

Latest on Story Games Outage

"********* Critical Announcement *********
(posted 21 hours 6 mins ago)

Unfortunately, we're still experiencing network problems due to the
outage yesterday (see posts below). It consists of random network drop
outs that is affecting various services, including the web (slow load
or can't load at all from time to time), mail (can't connect, can't
send or mail delay due to backed up junk mail machines) and mysql. The
admins are working on containing it, and we'll be posting updates as
soon as we know further. We apologize for all inconvenience this may
be causing, and appreciate your continued patience and understanding."

Mark Causey's comments: "You could have written an entire RPG in the time that S-G was down".

That would have been a great contest if I thought it would have taken this long.

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